Procurement Services & Technical Assistance

Procurement Services & Technical Assistance

  • Public Sector Procurement Reform: Diagnostic Studies, Assessment, Functional Analysis, Strategy and Policy Development

  • Experience in development and implementation of procurement policy frameworks, procurement regulations and procedures under the UN, World Bank, EBRD, USAID, AusAID, NZAID, CGIAR, DFID and CIDA procurement guidelines

  • Extensive business experience in International Procurement and Contracting in public sectors worldwide

  • Technical Assistance and contract management in ICB and NCB

  • Practical knowledge of core principles and international benchmarks in procurement and of all aspects of international shipping regulations, freight forwarding, marshalling, and packing operations, quality control, insurance, customs regulations, in-country distribution, logistical pipeline analysis, supply chain risk assessments, contracting standards, accountability systems

  • Professional knowledge of international procurement instruments (RFQ/RFP)

  • Hands-on experience with developing specifications, tender documentations, evaluating and soliciting vendors; managing supplier relationships; conducting contract negotiations and awards, executing contract and subcontract administration (of local and international suppliers), supplier performance evaluation, multi-donor funded projects in challenging environments.

Capacity building & training in procurement

Capacity building & training in procurement

  • Capacity Building in Public Procurement at institutional/ systems/ processes/ HR levels

  • Extensive work in assessment of procurement capacity of various public organizations, such as ministries, multilateral development agencies, and NGOs

  • Expertise in implementing procurement capacity building, training, and knowledge transfer solutions for governments, international development agencies, and NGOs at both institutional and HR levels

  • Expertise in development and implementation of comprehensive training programs for public procurement at national, regional, and global levels: development of training policy and strategy for public procurement servants; curriculum design and training delivery

  • Successful utilization of “training of trainers” approach to ensure sustainability of capacity built

  • Design and implementation of e-Learning applications in procurement, including development of Procurement Learning Programmes (certification schemes) at FAO and UNESCO.

Procurement review & monitoring

Procurement review & monitoring

  • Review of procedures, processes, and documentation for procurement and contracting to determine whether they were in accordance with the donor requirements and that procurement carried out achieved the expected economy and efficiency

  • Professional judgment on non-compliance with the recipient country government/ donor procurement regulations, inappropriate practices or questionable decisions/actions and suggested solutions

  • Technical assistance and advisory in developing documentation required for PP in order to achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness

  • Analysis of systems for procurement planning, implementation and monitoring and documentation as per standards required by multilateral and bilateral donors.

Procurement & contract audit, pre-audit review & reporting

Audit, pre-audit review & reporting

  • Analysis of procurement of Goods, Works and Consulting Services against required specifications and technical standards and comment on the reasonableness of prices

  • Review and recommendations with regard to institutional and human resources required for more efficient procurement

  • Analysis of the capacity of clients in handling procurement efficiently and development of procurement strategies and procurement capacity-building programs

  • Reporting systems: procurement archiving, procurement filing, procurement reviews, and audits

Supply chain optimization & materials management

Supply chain optimization & materials management

By providing a full scope of supply chain optimization/ materials management services according to international best practices, we help our clients:

  • Forecast product requirements

  • Identify product sources and availabilities

  • Determine product and source quality assurance

  • Manage and administer purchasing (ICB/NCB, RCB)

  • Arrange international logistics

  • Oversee in-country receipt of goods

  • Manage in-country distribution

  • Ensure post-delivery monitoring and rational use


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